Sumo Wrestler



The noble art of Sumo Wrestling, Japan’s national sport is steeped in tradition that stretches back thousands of years. It is thought to have first developed from rituals and ceremonies of the Japanese religion of Shinto as far back as the Tumulus period (250 -552). Later it was recognised as required military training.Today Sumo has developed into an exclusive sport, demonstrated in six Grand Sumo tournaments (Basho) held during the year by 72 salaried professionals, with hundreds of amateurs trying to breakthrough the ranks. The rules of Sumo are relatively simple: two large men trying to force each other out of a small circular area, encouraged by adoring fans. Beware the unwanted visitor that dares to enter the garden that this Sumo Wrestler protects!

w17” x d8” x h20”   75 lb

Shown in Ancient Stone

Shipped by trucking company

All prices in US$

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