Jizo Bosatsu Child – The Preacher



Jizo Bosatsu Children

In Japan, among the most commonplace and much loved icons in Buddhist tradition is Jizō, or Ojizō-sama as he is more respectfully known.

Jizō is usually pictured as a small stone Buddhist monk statue with child-like features and traditionally carrying a staff and jewels. He is revered as the protector of children and travelers.

Jizō statues can often be found dressed in colorful bibs and clothing (usually red), a practice dating back centuries and thought to help to bring fertility, to protect children and to grant longevity.

Pictured here is the Preacher , but there is also the Protector and Peacemaker in the series.

w6” x d6” x h12” 20 lb,

Shown in Ancient Stone

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