Art Deco Birdbath - Medium



This original birdbath, designed by master sculptor Klaus Kinast, was inspired by imagery from the influential Art Deco design style.

This style first emerged in France in the 1920s and was the predominant design trend during the interwar years. This was a period of rapid industrialization and development in machinery. Gone were the organic flowing lines and images based on nature found in the preceding Art Nouveau period and now popular were sharp geometric, symmetrical lines and motifs. The Art Deco influence can be seen in decorative objects, automobiles and fashion but perhaps most dramatically in architecture; think of the unique spires found on the Chrysler Building in New York City.

w14” x d14” x h27.5” 85 lb, 2 pieces

Shown in Western Slate

Shipped by trucking company

All prices in US$

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